"If we had to rate Four Paws Kennel out of a 10, we'd give it an 11. Gene was very helpful and communicative to us and answered all of our questions, especially as first time puppy parents. Our dog Calliope is thriving and it's because Gene and Kristina provided a loving and stable home before we could. Also, the litters always come out so beautiful. We highly recommend this kennel!"

Hi Gene,

I can't thank you enough for letting us take home such a beautiful, loving puppy.  I can't say he's changed much since you first described his personality as he is scared of nothing, loves everyone and is always up for a new adventure.  If you're ever having a bad day you can't help but look at him and smile.  Dublin loves his walks in the woods and is not shy to express his feelings or ask you to share your food with him. We've followed your guidelines and have him taking NuVet products to keep him healthy.  I could continue on and on, but as I said before I want to thank you for letting us take him home.  He's changed our lives and all our family members for the better. 

Hi Gene,
Sorry it took a while but here are couple pictures of Ziggy.  He is growing really well and getting to be a big boy, he adjusted to our family really quickly, he loves to chase around our cat and play with the girls.  He is healthy and very smart, he is about to complete his puppy training classes and we are very pleased with how fast he learns.  Overall, he is just great and we love him, perfect choice for our family.
I will continue to send pics as he grows, hope all other puppies are doing as great as Ziggy.
Monika Bzowski and Family


I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you.  All the kids love him but especially my oldest daughter.  He will be very spoiled!  Thanks you!!


Hi Gene,

We wanted to send you some updates on Pirate - we changed his name to Benny!  He was actually in a Schnucks commercial a few months ago - he's a star! Micah and I love him so much! He's full of energy and a sweetie. He's a little boss, and a very handsome little man!  Benny's been great for our old pit Luther, helping to keep him young.  Thank you again!

Kate and Micah Couldnt be happier!

My Husband and I purchased our puppy about a week ago, and couldnt be happier! I could tell instantley that our puppy had been well taken care of and had been played with and loved by Four Paws Kennel. We love our new little guy and Gene Beachy was great with all our questions that we had. He was easy to get ahold of and very friendly. He sent all the papers and even a bag of food so the puppy could eat as soon as he got off the plane, that told me that he had thought it through. This is a great kennel and would buy from them again.

 Reviewer: Kimberly 


We just purchased a puppy from this litter. We are very happy with the puppy, she is very healthy, energetic and curious, in short what you want to see in a healthy, good quality puppy. At just over eight weeks, she weighs over nine pounds which indicates she is the right size for a staffy pup. The puppy appears very "typie" and promises to be one tough bundle; her temperament seems right, although of course she is still just a pup. Dealing with Gene was a pleasure, he really came through for us, and was there every step of the way which included shipping our dog where we live overseas. The puppy arrived with all the correct paperwork, including her AKC registration. After what must have been a grueling 12 hour plane trip, the puppy bounced right out of the crate, perky as can be and ready for family action. Thumbs up for Four Paws Kennels from us!

Reviewer: Jose, December 14, 2010 Great Pups!

I had the pleasure of buying one of Gene's puppies from Jack the Ripper and Blessings you see why Jada last October. She is a beautiful little fawn/black female named Lil Mischievous Zoe. She has brought more love and joy than you could ever inmagine. Not only a beautiful girl but a beautiful personality. Although I dealt more with Gene's brother, both were very easy to deal with and Zoe arrived just as promised. Great to deal with and awsome pups.

Thanks again,

Michelle Walsh Great to deal with  

Gene is an excellent breeder, he has comunicated with us every step of the way. Our new puppy "Bandit" is the greatest little guy. He is very well mannered, has a good temperment so far and in good health. He is exactly as discribed and came with all his papers. As well as a contract especialy writen for our needs. He is also comes from excellent blood lines. We would recomend him to anyone that is looking for an easy to deal with breeder. We are recomending him to our firends. We thank you for our new puppy :)

Kristie & TJ King



When I received my first puppy from 4 Paws Kennels, I will have to admit that I was pretty nervous.  I had never had a dog shipped to me via airplane so I was a bit hesitant.  It was evident the moment that I removed her from her travel crate that she was well taken care of and a well socialized dog.  She was happy and playful despite her plane ride from Indiana to Louisiana.  I had been searching for a dog for about a year when I ran across Gene Beachy‚Äôs ads on Puppyfind.com.  My puppy, Athena, had all the qualities I was looking for in a Staffy.  I was so satisfied with my purchase from 4 Paws Kennels that a year later I purchased another pup so that Athena could have a playmate.  Athena and Hera are the best dogs I have ever owned and they are my loyal companions.  I would highly recommend 4 Paws Kennels and Gene Beachy to anyone looking to purchase a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Thanks again Gene!

Bob Simon

Hey Gene

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with purchasing my dog. I couldn't of asked for a better dog than what you have provided. She's doing great. Healthy, loves attention, and very active lol. She is smart and has been very successful in her training. If I ever decide to get another one you will be the man I go to. Thanks again

Best regards
Stephen Washburn & Gypsi


Hi Gene!

Its been a while and I thought I should send you a picture of Diesel (brindle male). The picture was taken this morning. He's doing great. He has such a wonderful personality. Everyone loves him, even non-dog people. He gets along with other dogs and my horses too. He truly is a nanny dog. My kids can get pretty wild and it doesn't bother him one bit. He is so smart too. I'm amazed at how quickly he learns. And of course don't forget he's a very good looking guy! He's a solid, stocky boy. We are so pleased with him! We are sold on this breed!



Good Afternoon,

I am just giving you an update on Java, the dog I purchased from you. He is a very healthy energetic puppy. He has caught on very well to training and behaves extremely well with my nieces and nephews. We wound up renaming him to Odin and he already has a nickname "Chompers". I would highly recommend you guys to anyone that I know looking for a new puppy and will also be considering your kennel again if I decide to get a second dog. Java has been nothing but a pleasure since the day I came and picked him up.

Sgt Nicholas Mohaupt
MWCS-48 S-6
MACG-48 Color Sgt


Hey Gene,

I just wanted to update you on how things are going with the red male. I named him Rudy. The big guy is always in a playful mood. He has a ton of energy but will sit down and watch TV with me at times, too. He definitely lives life to the fullest and I can't believe how much he likes being around people.   Rudy is potty trained and knows basic commands. He also gives high fives! Very intelligent puppy. He is over 20lbs at about 4 months and is reminding me a lot of the Red Viking. I am ecstatic with his progress thus far and am sold on this breed. I will recommend you to others looking for a staffy pup. Thanks for being a great breeder and if I ever need another puppy I will be coming to you.

-Sean Gardner Very happy

We picked up our puppy a week ago and couldn't be happier. Gene was very friendly and helpful. He was easy to contact and seemed very knowledgeable. we would be confident in recommending him.



Hi Gene!

Just wanted to let you know that "Chino" is doing great. I named him "Aron" and he already responds to his new name. He is very smart! And of course good looking - I get compliments everywhere I go :) He is doing great with housebreaking and he is good on the leash too. I am surprised at how quickly he learns. I will sign him up for some puppy training classes soon. Today was his 1st time at a "doggy day care" too, and everyone loved him (people and dogs). When we came home in the evening he was so tired he barely moved :) I am really happy I got him from you. Thank you!


 Hi Gene,

Thank you so much for your help in getting the puppy!  I really appreciate it!  The boys named him Roy 'O Banner... Roy spent the day at the University dorm where our two older boys are, doing guy stuff.  They LOVE him!  Of course in our opinion there is nothing better than a Staffy!  

He will be home on the ranch tonight and start getting to know the farm animals and all of us!  He is so cute and "full of it".  We are going to love him!  My daughter and I got to babysit him for a few minutes today, he is such a cutie!

Blessings to you and your family!


Hi Gene,

Just wanted to let you know that once we got home from the airport and took her out to the yard she became so playful! She's been like that ever since. We also introduced her to two other dogs and she got along great with them. She's been very good about going to the bathroom outside as well. So basically I just wanted to let you know that she seems to be adjusting well and we couldn't be happier. Eventually, we will want another one so I hope you are still breeding then because I'll want to get one from you. Thanks again for everything!